Stefanos Folinas is an artist (born in 1975) from Trikala, a city in northwestern Thessaly, Greece. He began painting when he was very young.  He studied cartography and he worked as a cartographer for 15 years.  His artistic path officially launched five years ago, and since then, he has had many solo and collective exhibitions in galleries throughout Greece and abroad.

Stefanos Folinas is an experienced Greek artist who has exhibited his work nationally. Influenced by his work as a cartographer, he composes figurative paintings marked by movement, color, and an illustrative quality. Thematically, he explores sentiments of pain, protest and affirmation, ultimately drawing the viewer into a mesmerizing visual world.

Folinas’ paintings have an illustrative quality, full in movement and colors. His work is characterized by these contrasts in color, the texture of the materials, the darkness and the light. Incorporating sentiments of pain, protest and affirmation, his freedom of expression induces an emotional and revealing quality that mesmerizes the viewer. Folinas’ work consists of a unique combination of an expressionist and figurative imagery which is executed with a perfect balance. He creates his art largely in a spontaneous manner, and so he is often guided by his emotions. Working primarily with acrylic, he lets himself be carried away within the lines, color, and form.

Stefanos Folinas, through his art, is able to offer us a splendid view of life’s duality.  What is often kept hidden is openly placed before you to take.  And what you take is that acceptance of what lies beneath you.  And just like you and just like me, we are exposed to a resurrection of feelings that perhaps you thought were once lost and forgotten.  It’s that meeting place between the darkest place and the lightest hour, the one that’s kept hidden, beneath all realities.  The fit of good and evil, without a doubt, the absolute connection, opposite poles that form a single being ... just as the depths of your being are composed of both tendencies and it is only a matter of time till you come to terms with it.  Folinas shows us that coming to terms with such realities only allows you to grow and evolve and your need to escape is no longer a need, but a well-earned freedom. 

Q. Do you remember the first art you made? What was it and how old were you? 
In high school, exploring drawing 20 years ago -exploring figurative paintings by using colors and 5 years ago, working on abstract expressionism figurative painting.

Q. What have you had to sacrifice for this career?
 Nothing because painting is in my everyday life.

Q. Tell us about your particular style and how you came to it?  
 I developed my own style by studying ancient history, primitive symbols, and tribal art. The simplicity of the forms and figures in my artworks, urge us to go back to the basics, reminding us that joy is in the simple things of our everyday lives.  

Q. Who are your biggest influences? Are you inspired by the work of your peers or anyone else in particular?
Inspired and influenced by Pablo Picasso, Bacon Francis, Georg Baselitz, and Gerhard Richter.

Q. What does your art aim to say? 
The human evolution.

Q. Is the artistic life lonely? What do you do to counteract it?
I create my art having in my mind the whole community and everyday life. So, there is not a lonely procedure.

Q. Apart from art, what do you love doing? 

Q. What is your philosophy in matters of art?
Working every day.

Q. What does 'success' mean to you? 
The understanding of my artistic message by the whole world.

Q. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given, and by who? 
We are all humans as we come from the same ancestors, by someone.

Q. What advice would you give to the next generation? 
We should simplify our life and go back to the basics.