Santiago Ribeiro is a painter- the driving force, co-founder and curator of the international project "Surrealism Now" which started in 2010 and is organized by the Bissaya Barreto Foundation. He was born and raised in Coimbra, Portugal.   Ribeiro recalls when as a child, his father brought home 40 art books from the library, and he was amazed by the illustrations of impressionist and surrealist art forms.  As Ribeiro has said, his first art lesson was looking through these fascinating books and falling deeply in love with the art and paintings. 

His childhood and youth were divided between the rural religious environment of the village of Condeixa, and the academic secular University City of Coimbra where he studied. He attended Avelar Brotero Comprehensive School in Coimbra, where he finished his Technical Course of Arts and Crafts. In 2006, he joined a Higher Education School, also in Coimbra. He has organized and participated in numerous individual and
collective exhibitions around Portugal. 

Santiago Ribeiro is one of the most notable representatives of the surrealism art community in the world. His work has been published on social networks, T.V., interviews, magazines, and blogs. His art has also been exhibited with great regularity in both galleries and museums in Portugal and abroad.  Surrealism paintings are often illogical and have a dreamlike quality, emphasizing the subconscious. However, Santiago Ribeiro is a painter capable of reflecting the expression of feelings and emotions with deep touches of reality, using colors and shapes he uses to portray emotions and the landscape of the inner and outer world that surrounds him. Depicted on his paintings is a common reality that although familiar, seems to be brought straight from another dimension. Intricate details, captivating
symmetry, and a sense of familiarity, but at the same time questioning how dare he? Because he can. A painting of his alone tells a whole story, a whole century, a whole generation. A powerful force emanating through a canvas that encompasses each and every one of your doubts, simply reassuring you that it is what it is. And what it is, is much bigger than ever imagined. It could only be felt -and this is what Ribeiro stirs in the mind, soul and heart of a viewer.

Q. What inspired you to be an artist? 
A. Just the fact that I started creating, which led me rapidly to become a full-time artist.

Q. Are you inspired by the work of your peers or anyone in particular? 
A. Yes, through a collection of books that my father brought home,
I found one painter that caught my attention: Hieronymus Bosch!

Q.  Apart from making art, what do you love doing? 
A. Depends on the context. For now, I´m full time dedicated to promoting in both, solo and collective exhibitions. I don´t have a personal life.

Q. Which mediums do you use in your work?
A. Oil on canvas.

Q. What is your philosophy in matters of art?   
A. Freedom of creation. Projecting our imagination in marvelous ways, and sharing it with the world.

Q. What if you’re not inspired to paint? 
A. It becomes a very difficult time. I start putting the brushes on canvas without any sense.

Q. What does 'success' mean to you? 
A. I really don´t know. The feeling of the constant need to stay focus in the field of creativity, the necessity to get the means of moving forward working on art. This, to me, means a certain type of success.

Q. What advice would you give to the next generation?
A. Use your imagination, let it free, and study all you can about art, go to the deepest root of its origin. The art of painting is as old as man, educate yourself.