"An artist is a channel of the creative mind of the universe." 

Alejandro Zamavi is a filmmaker and photographer.  He was born in Mexico City, Mexico on May 17, 1993.  He was born into a tight-knit family of six, which proved great fun for him because he was able to play with his siblings most of the time.  Later when he was nine years old, him and his family moved to a small city in the state of Guanajuato.  Alejandro feels that this is where his sensitivity towards nature and photographic art was awakened.  Living in a very large place filled with nature provided him the space to indulge in such an interest.  Alejandro recalls that his father gave him a handicam that he would always carry with him along his walks and he would take photos and videos of the sunsets, the trees and animals that he encountered.  This was something that he enjoyed much and fascinated him.  As he got older, he started taking pictures of his sisters and would make self-portraits.      

Alejandro Zamavi’s artwork sets the stage for a meeting point between sacredness and human existence.  As we stand before his creations, one can capture the essence of a thought dispersed in the depth of your subconscious that suddenly slips out of your existence and transforms what is around you.  Somehow, what you observe translates to the depths of your own emotions.  Because what we carry deep within is a desire to connect to what is not tangible, yet real, to what is not seen, yet felt.  A burning desire to be in the same dimensional frame of what unites us all.  And somehow, Alejandro’s art delivers this sensation.       

 Q. Tell us about your particular style and how you came to it.

 A. All my work focuses on capturing the human being in different existential and spiritual states.  In a dreamlike, surreal way, which is actually more attached to a higher or alternate reality, where the energy and the soul is visible. To achieve this in my photographs, I have to take studio photos isolating the character on a black background and then be able to cut it out in Photoshop and it is in this post-production program where I add the elements that integrate and shape the final image. I arrived at this style influenced by all the science fiction, fantasy and magical realism cinema, along with my discovery of spiritual themes that has become a central axis in my work.  Each experience and learning in this branch of energy and metaphysical is embodied in my works. There are times that to inspire me, I resort to meditation and from there the images are born which I later capture.

Q. Tell us about some of the highlights of your artistic career, such as memorable shows or posts and blogs where your work was featured.

A. One of the most important events so far in my career has been my solo exhibition at the Museo de la Bolsa Mexicana de Valores, a super important place in Mexico City that meant a lot for the fact that an institution like this has appreciated my work that is out of the ordinary in these serious and formal spaces.

Q. What role does the artist have in society?

A. The artist has the role of provoking, teaching, inspiring, sensitizing in the most sublime aspects possible.  Art is food for the soul; therefore, artists are the providers of nurturing the spirit of a society.

Q. What is your best childhood memory?

A. One of the most vivid memories and that I enjoy remembering the most is when I was about 9 years old that my whole family and I went camping.  I remember that we went out to explore the forest which was so inspiring and truly magical to explore, because there were flowers, trees, plants and birds, landscapes that I had never seen in my life and to contemplate all that new in life was so beautiful that it seemed curiously a dream. Also, I felt so connected with the land and the place that I remember an infinite joy to be there.

Q. When you were a child, what did you want to become when you grew up?

A. I remember that as a child I was always attracted to ancient cultures, their mythologies, their art, so my dream was to be an archaeologist and discover ancient civilizations.

Q. Do you remember the first art you made? What was it and how old were you?

A. I don't remember the first art very well, but since I was little, I liked to draw and paint, but it was formally at the age of 12 when I entered the plastic arts group at my school, there I explored painting and sculpture much more.

Q. How and when did you first become seriously interested in art?

A. It wasn't until I was 15 years old that I became very interested in cinema, and from then on, I decided to study Filmmaking, but I never stopped drawing, painting and taking photos.  Also, fortunately in my cinematography career we had the subject of art history, which taught me more thoroughly to appreciate all kinds of art.

Q. What does your art seek to express?

A.  Each piece expresses a spiritual sense, the deepest feeling of my soul, of my connection with the divine creativity of the universe, that is the sensation that is most born in me when I am creating.  I feel that the universe is aligned so that the ideas and things are shaped.

Q. What medium (s) do you work with?

A. I work with photography, video and now I am about to start in the installation which excites me a lot.  I also paint with acrylic and pastel.

Q. What personality trait has you gotten in the most trouble?

A. Actually, until now I have not had to deal with someone who really causes me problems, I tend to be a bit more tolerant with people which means that I do not have so many problems with others.

Q. What have you had to sacrifice for this career?

A. I feel that what I have sacrificed a little is the stability that a permanent job gives you, such as the salary every month, but I think it has been worth trying to be faithful to my dream, because it gives me a thousand times more happiness than being locked in an office with a fixed schedule.

Q. Who are your biggest influences? Are you inspired by the work of your peers or anyone else in particular?

A. I have been influenced by many artists of different disciplines, from Caravaggio, to Guillermo del Toro ... but now the ones I have most present in my work are the Italian painter Roberto Ferri and Agostino Arrivabene, I feel that they have a very spiritual connection with the body and nature.

Q. Is the artistic life lonely? What do you do to counteract it?

A. I believe that artistic life can be both: alone and in company, but I feel that it is necessary for me to have a space of solitude to enter oneself and explore the inner world, where you can find yourself and explore your emotions, your mind. which allows you to expand in many ways and thus also draw inspiration.

Q. Apart from your art, what do you love doing?

A. I love, love, love walking and enjoy nature, it is so revitalizing and healing that I cannot live without being in contact with it. That is why now I decided to move to the forest in with some friends who are like brothers.

Q. What is your philosophy in matters of art?

A. My philosophy in art is, seek inspiration within you, connecting with the universe that lives within you. Or what I call making your spirit the raw material of your art and your art the raw material of your spirit.

Q. What does 'success' mean to you?

A. Success for me is being able to reach as many people as possible, leaving a mark of inspiration, beauty, love, joy, knowledge, being able to serve as a channel to expand consciousness of as many as possible, to achieve a better world, and Art is a great tool to achieve this, because art transforms, heals, inspires. And success is truly enjoying what you do and bearing fruit from what you love to do, which I think is a natural reaction when you do what you love.

Q. What are the biggest things you've learned in life thus far?

A. So far, the lessons that life has left me is: get out of your comfort zone, take a risk, be yourself, see in others a reflection of yourself.

Q. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given, and by who?

A. Risk yourself to do new things, experiment, reinvent yourself, and that advice was given to me from other fellow artists, including Pierre Fudarylí who encouraged me to make the decision to formally embark on my path as an artist.

Q. What advice would you give to the next generation?

A. Expand the consciousness of the Universe through art, everything is valid, trust yourself and your abilities, nobody has made art from your perspective if you feel unique.